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Can't download mms messagesSupport

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  1. darrenbarker

    darrenbarker New Member

    Hi There,

    Cannot download mms messages on Samsung Galaxy S3. I click 'download' and it changes to 'downloading'

    After a few seconds, it goes back to saying 'download' without opening the picture message.

    I have tried this on wifi, on my data carrier, with mobile data on and off. Have also restarted the phone.

    This happens most of the time. Sometimes, it allows me to download though.

    Appreciate any suggestions.


  2. SYDNEY666

    SYDNEY666 New Member

    This sounds a simiar issue to the one I had on my S2.
    I had to change the details of the APN (Access point name).
    Im with the o2 network. I had to text 'active' to 2020, I then received the settings from o2.
    The settings will obviously differ between neworks.

    I had an APN but the MMS setings within weren't filled in. I think they were all cleared when I reset the phone to its factory settings.
  3. JamesBrown3

    JamesBrown3 New Member

    Hi I've just seen your query. I had the same problem on my Samsung galaxy S3. I just enabled mobile data and the MMS downloaded fine. Hope this works for you too.
  4. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    In the UK youl call your network carrier and ask fot the settings. For instance from the phone it's 191on Vodafone UK. They then send you two configuration messages as a SMS/text. One for the mobile internet and one for MMS. On opening each you save settings go back and save again to confirm. Once done MMS come through without having to download, just like a SMS.
  5. Minimike

    Minimike Well-Known Member

    I am on Verizon. Before the latest update, MMS came through on Wifi, After the update I only can get them on Mobile Data.

    Just another way to pump up data usage?
  6. gtgirl88

    gtgirl88 Active Member

    *had some issues with mms and other issues after update.. this is what verizon told me. I copied it from my other post*

    I have had nothing but issues with my phone after the jelly been release.. Called tech support and they had me do a hard reset.. didn't work and the issues just got worse (wifi, pic messages, random icons moving from screen to screen) today I called again this time she had me do a reboot to safe mode. Everything worked fine.. She said that some of the apps from the previous OS isnt working right with the Jelly bean. In order to fix you have to (trial-by-error) find what app is causing the issue. I deleted a bunch of apps i no longer use and so far the phone is working fine,.
  7. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    MMS has always use Cell Data. Just hidden in the background.

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