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  1. edgie70

    edgie70 Well-Known Member

    hi all , i have a contact in my phone book which their number starts +44 and i want to make it start with a " 0 " but when i edit the contact it wont let me change it , i re-put the number in and it is without the +44 but when i view the contact its back to +44 lol bit annoying , any ideas

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Try changing the settings in the 'Call' app to have the numbers show exactly as you type them so that the phone doesn't automatically add the country code.

    All apps > Settings > Call > Home Dialing > No. Use original number
  3. staz1000

    staz1000 Well-Known Member

    Are they linked to Facebook?
  4. ShortyNolan

    ShortyNolan New Member

    I have a similar problem, my friend logged onto hee Facebook and synced contacts by mistake, now I have a load of numbers of people I don't know and I can't delete them or change them at all. It only gives me the option to save it on my sim, link it to another contact or setup a speed dial. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. ben_pyett

    ben_pyett Active Member

    If you delete the facebook (for sense) and facebook accounts from within

    Settings -> Sync and Accounts....

    This should remove the Facebook numbers from the phone.

    Simply re-adding the Facebook for Sense account and then syncing will get the numbers back, but, this time when it asks if you want to sync contacts just say that you only want to sync to existing contacts rather than all contacts
  6. ShortyNolan

    ShortyNolan New Member

    I removed the account in the settings and the numbers all stayed there, my numbers just lost there fb pictures. Any other ideas? I'm gonna try that again

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