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Can't edit or add contacts on my LG GT540Support

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  1. rodrigt

    rodrigt Active Member

    Sorry if this topic has been covered elsewhere, I've searched hard & found nothing.

    How can one manage contacts within the phone. Somehow my phone has 4 "favorites" but can't figure out how to edit, add or delete.

    For managing contacts from a PC everything seems aimed at sync'ing everything and that is what I DON'T Want, is there some app that could allow me to manage the short list of contacts I want on my phone?


  2. pamay

    pamay Member

    Just bought my phone yesterday and I cant figure it out either :(
  3. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    If you just want to have certain contacts on your phone, you can disable sync through accounts and sync under settings, select your google account and disable contacts sync, this way you can add and edit them under contacts on your phone and your phone will not get cluttered with google account contacts
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  4. rodrigt

    rodrigt Active Member

    Thanks, your help steered me toward solving most of my problem. As a first timer with smart phones by accident I fumbled into finding that to edit a contact one needs to keep finger on that contact for a couple of seconds... (duh RTFM :eek:). What I still can't figure out is how to ADD a contact from within the phone, any suggestions?

    For downloading only a few contacts from my PC into the phone I had already disabled sync (Menu>Settings>Accounts) for everything, but still didn't know how to identify those contacts or how to do it. Since then I found that by going to Contacts in my GMail account there is a "Starred in Android" link in the left column. Clicking on it then allows to select from the general contacts list.
  5. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    To add a contact, open contancts, then above the call button there is a softkey, press that to open a menu (its on the left side at the front) then tap new contact, add the details and tap done.
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  6. rodrigt

    rodrigt Active Member

    Aha, got it - Thank you!
  7. pamay

    pamay Member

    Been able to figure some things out, thanks! however cant find a way to delete old phone numbers :confused:
  8. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    Long press the contacts you want to delete and tap delete.
  9. rodrigt

    rodrigt Active Member

    From what I've been learning as a newbie to smart phones, the difference between the software provided by different manufacturers and service providers often requires different menu paths to accomplish the same outcome.

    In other words in my system, in order to follow Delsus advice, after the long press on the contact to be deleted I would then need to scroll down to Edit in order to find the option to delete the contact.

  10. pamay

    pamay Member

    Figured how to delete - :) Thanks
  11. harrythespida

    harrythespida New Member

    Hello! I'm very new to my early Christmas present and am having a problem adding contacts. I have read this thread, but still the advice doesn't help me, as my screen doesn't seem to match the ones indicated.

    I touch Contacts and the system goes to the contacts which have been downloaded from my gmail account. There isn't a call button, just a menu across the top that says Phone Call Log Contacts Favourites.

    Clicking on any of these takes me into that particular programme.

    Can anyone expand on where I should be going, please?

    Thank you!
  12. aquaganda

    aquaganda New Member

    We, too, struggled to find this on LG Optimus:

    Menu>Contacts>Soft key bottom left of phone (not on touch screen)>Add contacts...
  13. singflatly

    singflatly New Member

    I cannot tell you how helpful this post was to me, and this thread in general. Thank you for helping me. I like the look of this forum and the help that is offered here on the threads. You really made my day. Thank you. I am a new Android user, btw, and have never used a cellphone in my life except an old model at work once. Thanks again so much. :)

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