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  1. d0k

    d0k New Member

    just got my sgs about a week ago and after downloading a whole bunch of apps, i realised that using the stock gingerbread move to sd card feature was just moving the apps from one partition of the internal memory to another. im guessing its due to this partition being called sd card? i want to move the apps to the external 32 gb micro sd ive bought (which works fine because ive used it to transfer some files already so there isnt a problem with the card). is there a way i can go about doing this either manually or through an app without rendering the apps useless? dont want to root the phone just yet but if thats the only way please give me instructions on how to do it

  2. DroidRick

    DroidRick Well-Known Member

    Download a free app called File Manager from the Marketplace.
    Then go into /system/app and select the apps you want to copy/backup and copy them to your SD card. You'll be able to get most of them this way.
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  3. d0k

    d0k New Member

    ok after messing about with the file manager i realised that i know nothing about how android creates folders and that the apps were being moved to the external sd after all lol. the reason so much space is being taken up on the internal memory is that the bigger games and such are storing their data there. im guessing theres nothing i can do about that without corrupting the data so i suppose i have to live with it :(

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