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  1. opelikamike

    opelikamike Member

    I have gone crazy trying to find the AllShare Play app on my stock verizon S3 so i can connect my phone to my new Samsung Smart TV and show pics on my phone on my tv. I do not find the app on my phone through apps button and after chatting and speaking with samsung support, I still don't know where to get the app. It isn't on Google play when accessed on my phone. I think this is the app I need but darned if I can confirm that through Samsung or be told how to get the app on my phone. If anyone can help please respond or private message me.

    Mike in Alabama

  2. bigslam123

    bigslam123 Member

    its not an actual app. Go into settings, then more settings, then allshare cast, then scan for your TV. Thats how you connect.
  3. opelikamike

    opelikamike Member

    Well thanks. never got that instruction from Samsung. They never told me I didn't need allshare play! I'll try it tonight when I get home. Samsung tech support appears brain dead from my experience.

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