Can't find/download most of the applications on the marketSupport

  1. redia

    redia Active Member

    but they are working fine on the ChaCha

    What I do, is dowloading them on an other android from the market, saving them (with appsaver ), copying them on my SD, them installing them.

    So problem at all with all thoses applications, execpt, that I can't upgrade them directtly. I need to apply exactly the same process.

    That's boring

    Here is a -part- of list of applications like that
    Glob -
    Prixing -
    XE Currency -
    Goggles -

  2. redia

    redia Active Member

    Good news (at least for me) since 2.3.5 upgrade, no more problem to see applications in the market. The only drawback of this upgrade is that I had a new upgrade of the "Android Market" (version 2.3.6) to "Market" (version 3.4.4) it use 6.04 new GB of memory

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