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  1. costeaalex

    costeaalex New Member


    I am facing a rather interesting problem. On the htc website it says the email attachments are not put in the Downloads folder but it does not specify where they are in fact placed. I am running a HTC One V with 1 GB internal memory and no microSD card. I have tried searching using a file explorer for the attachment filename to no avail. So if anyone knows the location where the file is stored please let me know. Also the file does not come up in the documents section of HTC Sync on the PC. When I view the mail and access the file it shows up fine but I cannot find it.


  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Plug your phone into the computer and see if it comes up in Explorer. But normally it does go to /sd-card/downloads.
  3. adamwoolhouse

    adamwoolhouse New Member

    I too have this issue, Alex did you find out an answer? I have an HTC one X which is not entry level.

    Nope can't find it either by plugging phone into computer...

    Thanks in advance

  4. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Then it might be in /mnt/emmc/Downloads.
  5. Jake_uk

    Jake_uk New Member



    I'm having a similar problem.

    Opened a Word attachment from Yahoo mail, account set up in the app.

    Ammended the doc and saved. Message pops up saying "saved in your device".

    Have looked everywhere but can't find where this "amended" version is saved in; its not saved under the original mail attached.

    Anyone can give me any pointers pls?

  6. nannycrick

    nannycrick Well-Known Member

    I have a solution that might work for you...make a new folder & name it EMAIL. Then go to the settings in your email app. It will have an option that will allow you to name the file/ folder you want attachments saved. make sure the file path is accurate. It's usually..
    mms/sdcard/...etc. delete the last part of that path & type in the name of your new "save" folder. If you "named" your path correctly, all your attachments will go into that folder first.
    Estrongs File Explorer is the best app for this. Load it & go to it's settings first. If your phone is rooted, then check all the boxes under Root options. If your phone isn't rooted, then check the option..Up To Root. Also check the box that says Show Hidden Folders.
    You should have no trouble finding those missing attachments.

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