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Can't find music in music appSupport

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  1. mmaryon1

    mmaryon1 New Member


    I have two problems:

    One, i downloaded some mp3 music files to my phone and saved them in the music folder. However, they do not appear in the music app. How can i remedy this?

    Two, i purchased music through the play market, but i do not want to use the 'play music' app. I want to use the 'music player' app as it its easier to use. How can i remedy this?

    Thanks for your answers!

  2. mmaryon1

    mmaryon1 New Member

    I use the music player app. The logo has a silver cd with a purple music note on it. It's the default music player when i first got the phone. 'Play music' was loaded when i updated the software.

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