Can't find my Phone listed in "Android Phones"

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  1. xwpsa

    xwpsa New Member

    My phone is a "Samsung Galaxy Q" and I have a few problems with it. But I can't find the forum for it. Is my phone from another planet? Or am I just a little challenged when it comes to finding forums? What gives? Lol!

  2. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Looks like your the only one that has it here!!
  3. Fireflies

    Fireflies Well-Known Member

    Just post your problems here and we'll gladly try to help. But to be honest, I have never heard of the galaxy Q xD
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  4. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

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