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cant find sim contacts !! ahh helpSupport

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  1. anthannaford

    anthannaford New Member

    hi all, got this phone today very impressed on first look..one major prblem im having is that when i go to import contacts from my sim card there aernt any contacts there to select but i can recieve calls and texts :/ any help would be appreciated

  2. AeronK

    AeronK Member

    Try People, menu, view and make sure Sim contacts box is ticked. You can also choose Import/Export from the menu and import them as Google contacts so that they will be backed up to your Google account.
  3. anthannaford

    anthannaford New Member

    it doesnt give me the option to import them as google contacts etc.. i tried the first part but the sim contact box is ticked already it just says SIM (0)
  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you had contacts on your SIM card in the first place?

    You can remove your SIM card, place it in your old phone (assuming your old contacts are stored in its memory), transfer them to the SIM card, then pop the SIM into your new phone.
  5. anthannaford

    anthannaford New Member

    i'll try that and see what happens.. thanks

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