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Cant flash new roms after swapping SD cardsRoot (Browse All)

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  1. timcity

    timcity Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 8, 2009
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    I got a Droid 2 recently and decided to put the 16 gb card from my O.G. Droid but before so I wiped everything from it, minus my pics and vids. My Droid 1 is rooted and I wanted to go back to it but now when I try to flash a rom it doesnt work and it looks like a bunch of stuff is missing from the SD card or whatever it needs for clockwork to do its magic.

    So the question is what do I need to do to get back to where I can flash roms willy nilly like before? Do I need to go to stock then re-root or is there a more simple way?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. istolvampire

    istolvampire Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
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    reformat the sd card. Flash recovery via rom manager. You could back up anything important to the computer first and restore it later. like music,movies,pics, etc..

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