Can't flash ROMs/nandroids due to lack cache space

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  1. erickrocks1126

    erickrocks1126 Active Member

    Hey everyone, I can't seem to flash ROMs or create additional nandroid backups or even wipe my cache as one of the preps to install a ROM. Here's what I get:

    E: error in /cache/recovery/log (bad file number)
    E: error in /cache/recovery/last_log
    (no space left on device)

    Here's the background on how I got there, hoping someone can help so I can load ROMs or at least be able to make nandroid backups occassionally.

    1 - I installed CWM recovery on my MetroPCS Ascend (running stock 2.2.2) without issue then immediately did a nandroid backup. Took a long time to do the nandroid (longer than any other phone I've done nandroids on) but it worked
    2 - In preparation to flash PlayfulModz ROM, I did the obligatory wipe data/factory reset -- no issue. Next did wipe cache -- phone froze for nearly an hour. After quite a while, pulled battery, restored original nandroid, all is OK.
    3 - Installed CWM at the recommendation of another member. Did the obligatory data and cahce wipes, this time wipe cache worked. Next wiped dalvik cache and that worked fine.
    4 - Now tried to do another nandroid and phone froze for a while and eventually gave me the lines above.
    5 - Tried to then just flash PlayfulModz ROM, ended up with an installation aborted error.

    Anyone know what's up and how to fix it? :confused: I'm searching the web furiously and finding lots of similar things, but mostly related to command line and for other phones. Hoping someone in this community might know what's up.

  2. erickrocks1126

    erickrocks1126 Active Member


    Found a fix buried in a forum for the HTC Desire. In CWM, data wipe/factory reset. Then wipe cache. Then wipe Dalvik Cache. Then reboot to recovery.

    The missing step was reboot to recovery...previously after wiping I just tried flashing a nandroid or the ROM and it gave the errors. Rebooting to recovery (an option in CWM) after wiping everything seemed to fix it. Was then able to flash a nandroid backup then flash PlayfulModz ROM without problem.

    Hopes this helps others.
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  3. lriv

    lriv Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing your "fix" :):)
  4. lacalacaloca

    lacalacaloca New Member

    It helped me!

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