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Can't format unkmown volume: /emmc

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  1. Hi all,

    I posted already in the Acer A510 section: http://androidforums.com/acer-iconia-tab-a510/706800-cant-install-boot-image-anymore.html, but I think it is more a general problem. Hence again a short version here.

    It is not possible to install a bootable image on my a510 anymore. The log says:

    I: Can't partition non-vfat: datamedia
    I: Can't format unkmown volume: /emmc

    No matter what I tried. That applies to the stock as well as to the CM10 images.

    Two ideas now. I'd try a CM9 image or a honeycomb one from acer? But where to get it?
    I partition it myself with the CWD-recovery. But what is the right partition scheme?



  2. Hi,

    the tablet was given to me as an A510. I believed that. Yesterday I had a close look to the side where the model number is. Model A211! Aaaargh.
    I got a James ROM for the A210, wiped everything and flashed it. Now it is alive again.

    Thanx and greets,


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