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Can't fwd pictures to email through camera appSupport

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  1. jiffy1

    jiffy1 Member

    Anyone else experiencing this? Going through my camera roll and selecting a picture with the share button is not working. It used to have no issues but now it wont send to either my icloud email assigned to the native email app or to my gmail address. It says "sending image" but never actually makes it to the inbox.

  2. amarie82

    amarie82 Guides Guide

    Are you trying to share from email to email or are you using hangouts and sending that way? I have not had this issue!
  3. jiffy1

    jiffy1 Member

    Open the photo app, swipe left to see previously taken pictures, hit the share icon and have tried going through gmail and going through the email app which is connected to my icloud address. Neither work anymore where as they both worked perfectly about a month ago.
  4. amarie82

    amarie82 Guides Guide

    Try deleting the icloud email and set it back up
    Have you tried to send as a MMS to email?

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