Can't get an external "retro" handset to work....

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  1. slovakgal

    slovakgal Member

    Hey guys,

    I got this handset(or a very good copy of it): LK106-3.5 Smiling Face Retro Phone Handset--Netphone Technology Co.,ltd. for christmas. We've tried it on my mum's old Nokia, and it works perfectly, but when it connects to my HTC ChaCha, the microphone is not working... has anybody encountered this problem or maybe just has a hunch for any sort of solution?
    The handset came with a standard 3,5mm jack, that has 3 lines(would you call it that?)...

    Any help appreciated!!!

  2. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Three lines means stereo plus microphone. It could just be the headset jack doesn't offer a provision for microphone and relies entirely on Bluetooth for external headsets. Could also be a setting in the phone itself for headsets.
  3. slovakgal

    slovakgal Member

    Hmmmm, can't find any settings for microphone input :S When I plug the thingy in, the icon on the notification bar is only headphones, no little microphone.... but it does show headphones with microphone when I plug in the handsfree from HTC :( I'm really sad, this thing looks so fun and I really want it to work! (and sorry for the dumbed down terminology, but sometimes, less is more :p )

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