Cant get anything off my SDcard to my PCTips

  1. oxdroid

    oxdroid New Member

    I am trying to get pics and video off my phone onto my PC.. When I connect it I select Disk Drive and my computer is able to open it as a removable disk. But this is as far as I get. I see all the folders. But am unable to open any of them. I even tried grabbing the MyImages folder and dragging it to the desktop to see what would happen and nothing.. cant open anything or download it off the card.

  2. archie70

    archie70 Active Member

    Have you tried using ASTRO to see if you can access the folders and then the files? Your files may be corrupt or your SD card damaged. Can you email the pics or vids to yourself?
  3. oxdroid

    oxdroid New Member

    I dnt know what astro is... I can email them to myself.. but I am an artist and am constantly taking pics and video.. So the email thing feels like a very long process. I dont want to use something like dropbox.. where i put them online. I want them directly on my computer.
    Anyone have this problem too??

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