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Can't get Calendar to workSupport

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  1. Acanuckinoz

    Acanuckinoz New Member

    Hi! I'm having trouble! I googled, didn't find the answer, but found this forum :)

    I have a Huawei 8150
    I have a working google calendar
    i've gotten gmail to work on my phone
    I can't get the calendar to work on my phone, it always tells me:
    "No Calendars" "you have no calendars"

    I looked around, someone suggested smooth calendar.... (which I think I'll like!) but still it tells me I have no calendar... Smooth Calendar did not help in this instance. I guess the calendar has to work first, then Smooth can be useful.....

    (I had a Treo 650 but it died :eek: I'm still in mourning!!!)

    I'm sure it's something very silly I'm not doing properly... but I don't know what it is, and since I already started adding contacts, I'd rather not do a factory reboot, but I can if I have to.

    Would love any help anyone can offer!


    France <----- that is my name.

  2. Acanuckinoz

    Acanuckinoz New Member

    ok, I've now gone to google calendar and realised I had to do a mobile setup. I've done so, seemed successful but the calendar still doesn't work. "You have no calendars" and I do have an event set up on the google calendar online.

    so I still need help :) Thanks!
  3. Acanuckinoz

    Acanuckinoz New Member

    Well, I threw in the towel and did a factory reset, and it now works! I haven't yet checked if it syncs properly with the online calendar. If it doesn't , I'll be back to report. So I hope this helps someone. :)
  4. Acanuckinoz

    Acanuckinoz New Member

    Ok, had to check (of course) synch works both ways. I'm one happy Android User now!!!

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