Can't get calls from Verizon landlines

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  1. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    I got myself a Nexus and just recently signed onto the T-Mobile $30 prepaid web special. I am having a problem with two different Verizon landlines that get fast busy signals when they try to call me. I can however call those numbers from my T-Mobile phone. Verizon tech support says the problem is outside of their system and to take it up with TMo.
    I called TMo tech support and explained the problem which was an ordeal in and of itself. All they wanted to do was blame the phone. Finally they said the problem would be fixed in 72 hours. Its been over 48 hours now with no resolution. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of problem?

  2. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Was your number ported?
  3. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    No, it's a new T-Mobile number.
  4. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Can you get calls from other carriers or is it just Verizon that is not working?
  5. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    I can't receive calls from my own or my parent's Verizon landlines yet I can get through to those lines from my T-Mobile phone. Those are the only problems that I'm aware of so far.
  6. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    If you aren't committed to the number (it's new), maybe get them to change it to another one? Can non-Verizon landlines ring your phone?
  7. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    I am committed to the number since notifying all contacts about it. As far as I know the problem is only with Verizon landlines. It's now over a week since talking to a TMo tech who said the problem would be resolved in 72 hours.
    How do you get these people to do anything? I'm beginning to regret leaving VM.
  8. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    I spoke to someone very high up in Verizon mgt. He said it is a trunk route problem and that the problem is with T-Mobile. I trust his answer since He is a friend of mine. Now I have to continue dealing with the ineffective tech support at T-Mobile. I called them yesterday on my cell phone and they said that they wanted to call me back on my other line. They never did. I will probably send a letter their corporate office if I can find an address.
  9. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    The number of "TMO CS sucks" comments I'm seeing lately is somewhat disquieting.

    Then you call them back and immediately insist on escalation.

    In the meantime you receive no calls from VZ landline customers?

  10. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I've no idea where you are in the world, but here where I am the physical T-Mobile stores are almost as bad as Starbucks (ie; you can find one just about every mile down the road). If you can find one in your area then I think you may have better luck.

    When it comes to the important things, I prefer to talk to someone face to face where I can hold them to what they promise. Especially if you can get a hold of a store manager as they're more likely to escalate things for you. Personally, I've found T-Mobile store employees to be extremely pleasant and willing to bend over backwards to make you happy.
  11. Drummerdroid

    Drummerdroid Member

    Well, I've spoken with TMO support a few more times. The first rep insisted that I must have had those numbers blocked on my phone and wanted me to bring my sim to a physical TMO store to try in another phone which would prove that I had call blocking on. However, I read the manual and my phone does not have call blocking capability.

    So I called back later and got a very helpful rep who wanted to look into the situation and promised to call back. She did and said the issue should be fixed in 72 hours. That's what I was originally told and nothing was done so we'll see.

    I live in the Boston area so my next step will be to visit a store if needed.


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