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cant get droid 3 to connect to QPST to load hybrid PRLSupport

  1. phillipjacks

    phillipjacks Member

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to all this, but have spent the last week trying and reading and cant find the answer, so I thought that I would ask.

    -I have a Verizon Droid 3 that was rooted using: DROID 3 easy root script v7

    -I paid a guy to have it Flashed over to work on MetroPCS. Which worked 100% (phone, text, pic msg, market, gps, internet) in the Detroit Michigan market, except it was stuck on 1x, not 3g. But when I come home to the Flint market where I live, it doesn't work any more. Only text is working. They guy said this was a big possibility, but I was willing to take the risk.

    -I've been reading on how to fix this and found a thread at cricketusers dot com titled "TEST: Hybrid Cricket/Sprint PRL". In this thread a very recent post made by a user named Groulx66 who lives in Flint like I do, and had the same problem I have, except on a Droid X. Groulx66 says that they were able to force the Cricket/Sprint PRL onto their Droid X and then had everything working in the Flint market, including 3g. So I want to try this PRL on my Droid 3

    -I found a few tutorials on how to update the PRL using QPST. the best and most accurate I've found that relates to what I had to do is on a site called evanvaughan dot com and is titled "How to Connect QPST to Your Motorola Droid 2" (I know, i have a droid 3, but its the closest thing i could find.)

    -Ive followed all the steps but when I get to the part where I goto QPST Service Programming and try to connect to my phone I get the following error "Online connection failure: Unspecified error".

    -Ive also tried this on a plain not modified/not rooted/not flashed Verizon Droid 3 running on Verizon and get the SAME error and it exhibits the same following weird symptoms

    -Now in the QPST Service Programing connect screen it says the following info
    --Phone: Unknown
    --ESN: (gives 8 digit hex format "esn", i dont know if this is my ESN cause on the Droid 3 it doesnt say under the battery and I dont know how to look it up. I read somewhere that many phones now have MEID instead, but this is not my MEID)
    --Phone Number: (gives a phone number thats not mine, but that is my MID)
    --Banner: Solana M0
    --Port: COM5 (the virtual port i created for my phone with HW VSP)

    anyone know how i can fix this so i can connect to QPST, or any other tested way that i can change my PRL on a Verizon Motorola Droid 3 to a custom PRL? Ive been searching for DAYS and cant get this.

  2. phillipjacks

    phillipjacks Member

    ok. fixed it.

    i used HWVSP to create a Virtual Serial Port.

    also i updated my QPST to build 363 and everything was good.

    i tried the PRL and durring writing, something messed up and i had to recover my phone from backup using Rom Manager. Unfortunatly, I only had a backup from before I took the phone to the guy to have it flashed to Metro. I restored to that backup,flashed the PRL, and now I can make phone calls and Text, but no internet/mms/market/gps/1x/3g... So i'm working on that now... I've been reading, and can find people doing this on Droid 1/2/x/incredible/eris, etc... but not on Droid 3. is the process the same as it would be on a Droid 1? ive been on whiterabbit.org and reading a lot, thinking of trying some things from there, but seems that info is a few years old. dunno if its still good or bad or what.

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