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  1. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    What video chat app works on Revolution? Cant get FFC to work on any and Qik dont work at all. Tango just rear camera works, whats the deal with this phone???

  2. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    Hello Sandystorm,

    Unfortunately, the FFC on the LG Revolution still does not work properly on Tango. It appears that LG uses something different to access the camera on this specific device. We have reached out to LG in hopes of finding a fix for this.

    We apologize for the delay!

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  3. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    I was going to mention that the Tango developers were working on it, but Randall beat me to it. Someone else mentioned that Fring works, but I've not tried it. - MarkC
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  4. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Thanks and guess I will try Fring as Qik video chat would not work at all had to force close it
  5. jakelec

    jakelec Member

    Randall? Any good news?
  6. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Please let us know Randall when the Revolution will work with FFC.. Thanks
  7. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    Will do :) We are making a lot of good progress.

    Sorry its taking so long!
  8. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

    Fring and tango not working on rev yet
  9. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Nope not yet, well it works but not with the front camera
  10. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

    I know I was letting everyone know
  11. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    I really want skype to come to Revolution as it works so good on computer maybe will be same on phone?
  12. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    We are proud to announce that a newly released Tango update has fixed the front facing camera issue on the LG Revolution. Please look for the latest version of Tango on the Android Market.

    Tango is now the first mobile video calling app to fully support the LG Revolution :)

    Please let me know what you guys think!

    Tango Support Center
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  13. daveoneeighty

    daveoneeighty Member

    Just wanted to come in and say thank you!

    Just tried it out with an Android user and an iPhone user and worked flawlessly both times. Both said my video quality was the best of anyone they've talked with.

    Thanks again!
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  14. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    I am glad things are working well! :)
  15. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Thanks Randall for working so quickly on the problem. I put Tango back on my Revolution but have not tried yet. My husbands Revo went wacko yesterday and wont work other then the phone so I will try with another friend today who has IPhone. Thanks again
  16. Rav20

    Rav20 Well-Known Member

    First let me say thanks for getting this out to use Revo people.

    now my problem is when me and another friend call through Tango video works great can see everything and all that, but the sound isnt working well. any reason that would be?
  17. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    I invited my brother to Tango who doesn't even own a smartphone, but does own an iPod touch, and we Tangoed last week for a couple hours with no problems. Switching between cameras and everything! Very cool!
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  18. Randall@Tango

    Randall@Tango Well-Known Member

    Hi Rav20,

    We are working on the audio issues. Please expect an update from us in the near future. :)
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  19. johnnylove

    johnnylove New Member

    I downloaded the latest software update & now everything works fine for front camera
  20. johnnylove

    johnnylove New Member

    download the latest software update
  21. MrSemperFi19

    MrSemperFi19 New Member

    What about Skype? Any word on the FFC issue with Skype? Also, my sound doesnt amplify so ok literally have to hold phone to my ear for any kind of Skype call. Help?
  22. mineolasmitty

    mineolasmitty Active Member

    Skype cameras work fine on my phone but the sound is just not there.

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