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Cant get internet to work on wifi networks outside of houseSupport

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  1. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Well-Known Member

    wifi at the house works fine. its secured with a wpa/wpa2(i think thats what its called) but whenever im at school or work it shows its connected to the network but the internet doesnt work

  2. captainbob

    captainbob Well-Known Member

    You probably don't have the password to allow you into the Wifi system for the location you are in.
  3. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Well-Known Member

    No the only one that requires a password is the house one which works fine. The other 2 (at my school and job) are free for use by the public and dont require passwords
  4. tomyellowblue

    tomyellowblue Member

    Just a guess, but are you just trying to use email or some other non-browser app? Many times with free networks you have to agree to their terms and conditions before it will actually let any traffic through.

    Open up a web browser and try to go somewhere (say google.com) and it will probably bring up a web page where you have to "accept" something. After that email and other apps should work fine too.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you have to do this every time you join the network.
  5. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Well-Known Member

    No i dont think its that because i got it to connect to my school's before(i had used the some option in wifi to confige it) but ever since it wont work. i think this phone is just being weird

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