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  1. PhilTheGreat

    PhilTheGreat New Member

    Hi everyone, i'm lost and i need help. Ill just explain what i did, so u can guide me:

    I thought about flashinh my ZTE Blade TFT Gen1 with a custom rom, so i did:

    1-Used Androot to root my phone
    2-I used Titanium Backup to Backup my phone
    3-Installed Clockwork Rom Manager and run Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
    4-Download a Cyagen Rom but never flashed

    As i decided not to go further because i wasn't feeling so confident on doing so, just unistalled all the stuff and unrooted the phone

    Now i'm trying to enter FTM mode ( by using vol down & power btt) in order to install/flash an offcial update from a exe file and i cant get into it. The green droid screen keeps showing on/off...

    Can you explain me what is the problem and how can i solve it?

    Thank you very much

    PS: After a lot of reading I think i dont have a recovery file because my setp 3 failed in the end.

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  2. PhilTheGreat

    PhilTheGreat New Member

    ok after some hours ive found that i flashed ny recovery file and that is the problem!

    Theres a lot of threads about get the original recovery, but none has a solution, can you point to a solution in how to get the original recovery instead of the clockworkmod one ?

    I have the original recovery.img file but i dont know how to work it out!

    plz help me

  3. PhilTheGreat

    PhilTheGreat New Member

  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Woah, Woah, go careful here.......

    That tutorial, good as it is, does not specifically to the ZTE Blade/OSF......also, it's quite old.

    Also, it is for Amon Ra Recovery, and does not show a Recovery for Blade, so be careful, please....There is one, from Seb404, but not there!!!!...somewhere on Modaco.....

    Rom Manager will allow you to flash a Recovery on your phone......

    only problem is, you need to flash a Gen 1 Recovery from the list shown at the Bottom of Rom Manager, labelled All ClockworkMod Recoveries

    Tap this, you should get a list, pick (Last Gen 1 Recovery), choose ZTE Blade, then download and flash.

    Try this first, please.
  5. mjlmo

    mjlmo New Member

    The most frequent reason why you should wan't to restore FTM is because your Android device won't start.

    If ClockworkMod starts OK, you don't have to restore FTM or use a stock ROM. All you need to do is format the right partititions.

    You can follow a step-by-step description at this post:
  6. steady1967

    steady1967 Member

    Sorry but what is FTM? I get a window on my phone saying ftm but it wont do anything and i have to take the battery out to turn it off
  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    FTM stands for Factory Test Mode (I think). Are there no other options on screen?
  8. steady1967

    steady1967 Member

    nothing at all mate

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