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Can't get music to play through headphonesSupport

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  1. superwy

    superwy New Member

    Have had my new Incredible now for a couple of weeks and love it. I am still learning so much about how it works and have searched but can't seem to find an answer to this question. When I plugged in my earbuds from my Ipod tonight to go for a walk, the music continued to play through the speaker and not the headphones. I can't seem to find what I have done. I am using Isynch for my music and the preloaded music app. Do I need special headphones? Any help would be appreciated.


  2. slackfumasta

    slackfumasta Well-Known Member

    I have a set of the iphone buds right here, the ones with the microphone, and they work. I have also plugged in a set of earcandy ones and those work fine as well.

    My first suggestion would be to try different headphones. Borrow some from a friend or something.

    Also, if you are using a case, take the case off and plug the buds all the way in and see if they work. Some cases don't have large enough hole to allow the buds to fully plug in.

    If you still can't get it to work, exchange it right away for a new phone.
  3. AllezDada

    AllezDada Well-Known Member

    I know it sounds stupid, but make sure the earbuds are plugged in all the way.
  4. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    I have to remove my case to plug in headphones, otherwise they will not fit. If you have a case, remove it and try, like said above.
  5. OMRebel2013

    OMRebel2013 Active Member

    What type of case do you have?
  6. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

  7. Olrocker

    Olrocker Member

    Some of the headset issues have been fixed with the "Headset Blocker" widget...search Android Market.
  8. superwy

    superwy New Member

    Thanks for all of your responses, especially the suggestion to be sure the plug is in all the way...it wasn't. I feel especially silly after spending 20 minutes searching for answers. I do have the silicone case and you just really have to push the headphones in. Thanks again! Love this phone.
  9. Cinoss

    Cinoss New Member

    Interesting, I was having a similar problem with a different cause. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S w/ Froyo, and after installing Accessibility features (VoiceAlert) my media was no longer playing through wired headsets. Bluetooth and the Speaker worked fine. Disabling accessibility (and not uninstalling VoiceAlert) restored functionality. Maybe that'l help somebody with the same headache I had yesterday, or maybe somebody can tell me how to keep Accessibility enabled, AND have my music?
  10. Heidie

    Heidie New Member

    Wow do I feel silly for not making sure it was plugged all the way in because of the case! Thanks for the help.

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