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  1. ilovemygnote

    ilovemygnote New Member

    Ok, so the problem I'm having is when I connect the note to my computer (or any computer) and it then gives the USB CONNECTED notification, tapping that notification does not give me usb connection options, as I read it should. Instead, the whole pulldown menu disappears and I'm left staring at my home screen. Why would this be happening and is there another way to set it to "charge only mode"? I can't find anything anywhere on this.


  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    is usb debugging mode on you could need this? check the drivers to see if they are installed propely if you want uninstall/reinstall the drivers again. i do not know about the charge only i think that is past software choices?
  3. ilovemygnote

    ilovemygnote New Member

    Yes, I have usb debugging mode enabled. Drivers are definitely installed properly, I've tried this on more than one computer. Seems to be a problem with gnote doesn't it? Everywhere I read says you are suppose to be able to click the "USB CONNECTED" notification in the pulldown menu and get options, but on mine it just makes the pulldown menu disappear. It definitely responds like it's suppose to do something different.

    What do you mean by "past software choices"? Thanks.

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