Can't get PDAnet to work on computer end

  1. robertwhite

    robertwhite Member

    Downloaded PDAnet on my laptop prior to turning off old phone. Ran the installer and it works great.

    Neglected to do the install on PC and I can not get it to work.

    App is downloaded to phone, but when I hook to PC, I get no tray icon. I also tried to copy the file from the laptop so I could run it, but the program will not allow that.

    USB debug is on and mass storage is on.

    PC is running Windows 7

    Phone is Droid X 2.2

  2. So it works between your laptop and your DroidX, but not between your PC and your DroidX?
  3. robertwhite

    robertwhite Member


    I had downloaded the installer computer app directly from the website to the laptop, but forgot to do the PC. Now I can't get it loaded properly and functioning on the PC.
  4. robertwhite

    robertwhite Member

  5. UNinstall it - good! - from your PC, restart Windows, and then reinstall PDAnet afresh on your PC, from scratch from the website.
  6. robertwhite

    robertwhite Member

    Uninstalled/reinstalled a bunch of times. Still won't show icon in bottom tray. The only thing the PC does is want to install Motorola drivers. Even when I allowed that, the PDAnet icon is still non existent. Doesn't even show in the programs folder of the PC.
  7. I run OSX so I can't really comment on Windows procedures and idiosyncrasies, just relate how it works for me:

    I start the PDAnet application, in the Application folder on my Mac, and a mini PDAnet icon with a dropdown menu appears in my desktop menubar. I DISCONNECT MY USUAL CONNECTION/(WIFI)ROUTER. Now I first double check that the PDAnet app on my phone is running, and USB is tethered. Then I press 'Enable USB Tether', go over to the PDAnet dropdown menu on my Mac and select 'Connect'. And that's it! Full internet connection. I can even stream fullscreen (17") wildlife documentary and XXX videos on 3G! :)

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