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  1. pterodactyls

    pterodactyls New Member

    Last weekend I had to drive through middle of nowhere Georgia, lost service, and got like 5 voicemails. I've listened to them all, I've deleted all my voicemails, but that damn little notification is still there. There's no "clear" button when you just have a VM.

    I've tried various suggestions to get it to go away, but it simply won't. It's obviously not a huge deal, but it is a slight annoyance haha

  2. LieselMorgann

    LieselMorgann New Member

    Same problem here, I've tried taking out the battery and turning off the phone a few times, calling VM multiple times, I left another voicemail on my landline and checked and deleted that, and the icon still isn't gone. My OCD says it's got to go!

    Anybody have suggestions?!
  3. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    easiest way to get rid of it is to call yourself and leave a message. Then call your voice mail and take your time to listen to the entire thing, delete the message and listen to the instructions that take you back to the menu before hanging up.
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  4. aeroseek

    aeroseek Active Member

    I left 3 messages on the phone. Called and listened to them all and FINALLY the icon disappeared.
  5. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    ya sometimes it takes a while.
  6. admiller87

    admiller87 New Member

    same prob here and i heard that the service provider had to reset voicemail took my phone back to t mobile they couldnt figure it out then i called customer service ha ha so i said f it well then i was lookin at my apps and seen one called visual voicemail started it and sure enough two messages deleted them using the visual voicemail interface and icon vanished lg optimus T powered by t mobile/ android 2.2 bla bla
  7. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    Huh?? I'm confused.
  8. RobertB-DC

    RobertB-DC Well-Known Member

    I've been having this problem since my SIM card died (after several years and several phones) and I had to replace it. Ever since, my voicemail icon has been active, though of course I have no messages. I'm forwarding to Google Voice, so I never have voicemail!

    I clicked "Visual Voicemail" but I got a message that "T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is not active. Do you want to activate Visual Voicemail?" I'm worried about doing that, for fear that I'll never be able to de-activate it. What is it, anyway, and can I turn it off once I turn it on?

    I figure one possible solution would be to turn off my Google Voice forwarding, get rid of the voicemail icon, and turn GV on again. But from the posts in this thread, that might not help anyway.
  9. RobertB-DC

    RobertB-DC Well-Known Member

    I had a chat session with T-Mobile to try to get rid of the voicemail icon, but we had no luck. I did turn off Google Voice, and the rep called my phone and left messages which I then listened to and deleted, but the icon is still there. She ended up referring me to the tech support number, but I don't have time to futz with it so I'm just putting up with the wasted notification-area pixels for the moment.
  10. RobertB-DC

    RobertB-DC Well-Known Member

    The strangest thing happened this morning... the voicemail icon disappeared. No idea what caused it to finally go away. The only phone-related thing I did was to remove the SD card overnight, so I could copy its contents to a larger card. I can't imagine that would be the cause, unless maybe there was something running from the card that was causing the glitch? But I can't imagine what it could be.

    As a programmer, I hate bugs that go away spontaneously almost as much as those that don't. :)
  11. Spitlord

    Spitlord Member

    ... I don't have service. I am pretty much using my Admire as a web browser / gaming rig / mp3 player, and it has a voicemail notification from the previous owner of the phone.

    Now I obviously can't call to check the voicemail or to leave myself messages. So my question to everyone is this:

    Am I stuck with this notification forever? Do I REALLY have to back everything up, factory reset, re-root, and the whole 9? Because if so, I'm thinking about just dealing with it.

  12. hester52

    hester52 Member

    I have a similar problem - when I get a new voice mail, sometimes all the saved voice mails will play first and I have to either delete or re-save each one before I finally get to the new message. Is there some setting I can change to prevent this?

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