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  1. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    Ok, the OTA update to ICS gets to about 30% on the progress bar and the update fails. It reboots to the V6.

    I come to here and other sites to see what might be the issue and see posts listing the issues found on ICS --stuff like bluetooth cutting out and other negative stuff happening running ICS.

    Then I read the excellent post about "having issues with ICS, read here and your problem will likely be solved" After reading that, the most logical path is to follow the rootzwiki instructs and flash the firmware via a much more complicated (and dangerous when it comes to potentially bricking the phone) method . . . . and I am thinking, why? Is ICS the sh*t? I'm not seeing that from the posts.

    Should I bother going through the update?

    I don't know why the f-ing ota doesn't work (back to unrooted and completely wiped the f-er), do I really need to the the rootzwiki version to get ICS?

    I'll just go back to a rooted GB and be cool.

    any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    You don't need to follow the rootzwiki method to take the ota. You can use the lg update tool to get it. And it is worth it.
  3. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    The rootzwiki method is the best and easiest, but you can try to use the update tool too. It didn't work for me and others, so we had to use neph's tool from rootzwiki
  4. Full Spectrum

    Full Spectrum Active Member

    I would suggest doing a wipe then a clean .cab flash.

    I've had several issues with patching that were solved by a fresh install.
  5. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    The V6B worked for me easily enough, but Part II to go to V7 was not succeeding OTA on 3G. But I, like others found going to an area that had 4G, and the download completed properly and no problems upgrading.

    Prior to doing the upgrade, I had moved everything possible to the microSD card from phone memory.

    Hope that helps.
  6. bones420la

    bones420la Well-Known Member

    you could just flash one of the ics roms... your signal will stay the same.. BUT the update is worth it.. i now pickup 4g damn near everywhere. before i kept 4g off because i rarely had 4g signal.
  7. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    OK. Got the ICS update loaded via Vzn's upgrade assistant. Not sure how since I really didn't do anything differently (other than use a different laptop). SO, since I was planning to spend hours to figure this out and ended up getting done in about 30 minutes, I figure I'd spend the next 30 mins documenting (as best I can from memory) the steps I took, noting when things didn't go right, etc. Maybe it'll help someone else. If you want a screen grab of the drivers that ended up loading and seeming to fix the problem, drop me a note -- You will see below, I didn't do anything special. The follow starts on day 1 and ends on day 5 -- total time spent (other than this recount): about 2 hours.

    My phone was rooted v6 w/the stock rom.

    Learned that the update was pushed . . . I think via the OTA push.
    Tried the OTA -- would get to about 30% on the status bar and reboot V6
    Unrooted and tried again -- same result.
    Wiped to factory reset and tried again -- same result
    investigated Upgrade Assistant (UA) and decided to try that.
    Loaded what I thought were the drivers -- still would not give me UA as an option when I plugged in phone
    Decided to root my v6 while I continued to investigate.
    (made several attempts at OTA for the hell of it)
    Didn't really find any additional information, so I thought I'd wipe again
    (note, this wipe was done while the phone was rooted, just fyi)
    tried the OTA again -- nothing

    Then, progress:
    plugged in phone and went from mass storage to internet connection while the phone was plugged in.
    Started to load the drivers (different drivers than the first time I tried ON A DIFFERENT LAPTOP -- both WIN 7).
    Drivers loaded
    UA came up in my tray and clicked on it.
    Started and completed the updated.
    (note, from the time the I plugged the phone in to the time that the update was complete the phone was plugged in . . . actually still plugged in, but it finished several minutes ago)

    Hope this helps someone.

    Now need a good root for ICS. Any suggestions?
  8. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    There is a tool for rooting in the root section. For you it would be the pwnage tool. It will also unlock your bootloader.
  9. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    Thanks. Found the root for OTA elsewhere here. Used it and works like a charm. I just use root to freeze apps really. I run the stock rom otherwise.

    I don't even know what a bootloader does. :)

    Should I do that?
  10. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well, I'm not 100% sure what a bootloader does but I do know that ours is locked and without unlocking you can't have a custom recovery installed. If you don't mind not having that, then you shouldn't need to worry about it.
  11. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    Well, bottom line for me is performance and battery (I would guess the bottom line for most), if a custom recovery helps either in a big way; I'm in. If not, I'm fine. I really don't mind the stock rom as long as sh*t works. And, who knows if I actually get more battery life or performance out of rooting, but just being able to make crap like blockbuster and score center go away makes me feel empowered. :)
  12. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    If that is what you're going for then you should be fine with just rooting. I don't see that you would need to unlock because that does break bluetooth unfortunately.
  13. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    A locked bootloader is supposed to prevent you from flashing roms like cyanogenmod. A locked bootloader can, however, be bypassed with a bootstrapper (like all Motorola devices have from devs) or by hacking the kernel, as our devs did.
  14. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    Probably not the best place to do this, but since I started this thread and one of the questions was "why do I want to." Well, so far, better than good. Here are the pluses I see so far . . . consider that none of this is scientifically supported, just my, "Hey! That didn't happen before" observations:

    On ICS:

    Battery life -- probably 10 to 15% better.

    Bluetooth . . . would cut out when the phone was in my pocket. Tested today and fine . . . even more than 30 feet from the phone in my car.

    Recharge speed . . . noticably better on a good high power connection.

    GPS . . . quicker to find towers, and MOST IMPORTANT: Doesn't discharge while plugged in to the cig lighter of my car. I never got that about this phone. Apparently it was the load of GB. F-that-sh*t

    Can't get ES File Explorer to connect to home FTP, but AndFTP works fine, still, like ES better.

    Rooted fine with the help found here (TY very much, BTW)

    More as I remember, but so far I think the update to ICS was well worth it.

    Thanks, people.
  15. jeresh

    jeresh Active Member

    Geez, almost forgot:

    4G . . . way better connection. Used to not get it in my office at all . . . even for minutes after leaving the building. Now, while sitting at my desk. Even in the basement of my house . . . (I know, I do wifi there, but still).

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