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  1. greennberg

    greennberg Member

    Hello everyone
    I'm new here, my problem is strange, hope I'm clear:
    I live in Israel, two weeks ago I bought a Nexus 4, I'm trying to connect to Google's U.S. store through an American proxy, but when I do log on, I get the Israeli store, when I make out I see the American store.

    At first I could enter, but it was a problem to purchase U.S. apps store.
    At first, even I purchased coverage Nexus 4, now a can't go to american store.

    I used all possible programs:
    And many others ..
    Even over the phone I can not see Google's U.S. store.
    Please help me, any advice is welcome!
    Thank you

  2. greennberg

    greennberg Member

    any help ???
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Have you tried rooting your device and putting an American ROM on it? This could potentially do something?

    Not positive, but who knows.

    I am going to move this thread into the N4 forum to see if anyone there can help you :)
  4. greennberg

    greennberg Member

  5. greennberg

    greennberg Member

    I did not try, the whole thing is new to me (but) I do not have experience, but I learn quickly .., Meanwhile I am impressed
  6. soapguitar76

    soapguitar76 New Member

    Try subscribing to, and setting up an American based VPN. I used to use this method to watch Netflix overseas. I now use it bypass my work's Wi-Fi security. I don't know how it defeats their security, it just does.
  7. greennberg

    greennberg Member

    Thanks for the response, here is the problem:
    First : logoff, but see the american google play.
    secend : log in , and Automaticly chenge to israely store.

    use hideman vpn

    any help now ?
  8. greennberg

    greennberg Member

    i up load pic , but dont see it, sory.
  9. soapguitar76

    soapguitar76 New Member

    Hmm. I use flixvpn I think theyre based out of Dallas Texas but I'm not sure if they're accepting any new accounts right now

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