Can't go from ICS 4.0.4 to JB 4.1.1

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  1. kentaya

    kentaya New Member

    Hi guys. Thanks in advance for the support with this.
    My phone is the unlocked Nexus i9020A on T-Mobile network. I cannot go to 4.1.1 unless I'm on IMM76M. I downloaded the "" and did the bootload/recovery but got the Status 7 error.
    The same I did with "" and "" files, but failed again.
    I also tried with the "Force Close/Clear Data" manual OTA instructions but failed each time after many, many attempts-I guess because I'm on 4.0.4 IMM76D and not 4.0.4 IMM76M.
    I did all of the above with and without the sim. I need help with this update. Much thanks and appreciation for the support.

  2. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    Is your Nexus unlocked? Do you know how to use adb mode to flash images? If the answers are yes then it's fairly simple go here and download the Google stock factory images and flash 1. bootloader 2. radio and 3. *.zip interspersed with a reboot-bootloader between each flash. After all that your Nexus will be on JB 4.1.1 ;)
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  3. kentaya

    kentaya New Member

    heat57, thank you.
    My phone is unlocked, and I don't know how to use adb mode to flash images. Can you give me detailed instructions on doing the 3 steps? And will the process include flashing the files that I mentioned in my initial post above?
    Much thanks and appreciation for your support.
  4. heat57

    heat57 Well-Known Member

    kentaya - before I run you around in circles with my personal reccomendations, I suggest you do a little light reading in the all things root section of this forum; in particular, I recommend ScaryAlien's posts on this subject, as they are very detailed and easy to follow.

    This is how I learned about rooting and tooke the jump. Adb is included in the Google SDK development tools, which you can download and install for a Windows PC from here Android SDK | Android Developers assuming you have a Woindows machine. Just follow the installation instructions and run the latest updates (the UI is fairly simple and only requires a tick in the boxes for the packages you want to update - if in doubt tick them all).

    One tip, in order to execute adb shell commands to push/flash images to your phone you'll need to access the 'platform tools' folder in Windows terminal (cmd). In order to be able to do this you have to either type the lengthy and convoluted pathe to the folder location or, better still, navigate to the above-mentioned folder in explorer and press shif and right-click on the folder simultaneously with your mouse upon which you get the drop-down menu where you select 'open command window here' you are now in the right location to start using adb.
    You also need to make sure that all your images > bootloader > radio > and last but not least a custom recovery, are all located in the platform tools folder.
    The stuff you need to enable communication between oyur PC and your phone are the correct drivers; just google Samsung Nexus S Windows drivers from here Download and install them and hook up your Nexus. Be warned this is the only tricky operation in the whole process, getting the drivers to operate in order to establish communication with the Nexus.

    Finally, you need also the latest Java packages including development SDK's, which you'll be asked to install during the Google package installation.

    If all of this hasn't put you off then you're ready to root and flash.
    One last thought on the subject - the Nexus range is definately the easiest of any phones I have come across to unlock and root and generally play around with. Read, read and read up on the subject.
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  5. kentaya

    kentaya New Member

    thank you very much. I truly appreciate this bit of information that will help me to get on JB. I've never rooted and I'd be willing to try. And neither I'm I put off, although it seem a bit mind boggling to do the process.
    My machine is a WPC, and I'm familiar with the Java packages and development SDK's; I did Java programming and a bit of Android development (this was just for fun). On my machine I got the Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs just the same.
    Much thanks and appreciation for the support. I love this forum.

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