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  1. gpsugy

    gpsugy New Member

    Hi. I have an LG Ally, and recently something has unexpectedly gone wrong. All of a sudden, when I dial or receive a call, neither party can hear each other.

    Now I know the call has been received. Testing the call with my friend, although neither of us can hear each other speak, when I press the dialpad, he can hear each button I press

    I also noticed that during the call, on my screen, I cannot activate the bluetooth or mute button, because they seem idle (they look transparent).

    I have also wiped my phone clean of all userdata, but nothing has changed.

    This has never happened before, but now I can't even use my phone to call people! Please help me. Thank you.

  2. abel101

    abel101 New Member

    yea that happened to me like a month or two ago. i played with the headphone jack and it somehow fixed it or maybe the phone just fixed itself. but it stayed like that for a couple months.
  3. casper55117

    casper55117 Active Member

    i had this problem a few times. same fix with the headphone jack
  4. Traxxasaddict

    Traxxasaddict Member

    Ditto, though it's started again. I'll have to fiddle with it. The speakers themselves work fine (hardware-ily) but are not utilized.

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