Can't install 3rd party apps.

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  1. Midnight951

    Midnight951 New Member

    I recently rooted my htc aria and i have super user permissions but everytime i try to intall swype or any other 3rd party app it doesn't let me. It says for security reasons that it is blocked installing 3rd party apps. plz help :confused:

  2. FahdR

    FahdR Active Member

    Have you tried:
    Settings>Applications>Unknown Sources, maybe it got unchecked.

    The simplest solution is often the right one!!!
  3. Gride250

    Gride250 Active Member

    Its because At&T locks down their phones hard core! The best way to get those 3rd party apps to work would be to root the phone using the clockwork method from theunlock3r and then install a custom rom. I did that with mine and it works great!
  4. dexmix

    dexmix Active Member

    or you could just use adb install / Sideload Wonder Machine / Or an old version of HTC Sync that has sideloading.
  5. Gride250

    Gride250 Active Member

    I am at work right now but could you elaborate on sIde loading? What is the easiest way? I don't like doing it in the adb shell. Is there an easier faster way?
  6. dexmix

    dexmix Active Member

    install the SDK
    put the SDK tools directory into your path

    adb install angrybirds.apk

    it doesnt get much easier then that...unless you install the old version of HTC Sync.
  7. labarks

    labarks New Member

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