Can't Install Amazon App Store

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  1. rclapham

    rclapham New Member

    I understand that the Captivate running 2.2 should now be able to install the Amazon App Store. I received my Captivate about 3 weeks ago with Froyo 2.2 already installed. No updates are available on-line. I am not able to install this app. Under Settings-Application, there is no checkbox for Unknown Sources. I have entered my email address, clicked the link to download tha app and when I tell it to install I get the dialog box saying Install Blocked.

    I am not ready to root my device just yet. Is there some way to get this update to allow side loading?

  2. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Numerous threads on this topic. Besides rooting and enabling non market apps-the consensus is just call ATT & insist on finding a knowledgeable tech person to immediately enable your device ota
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