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  1. nick16934

    nick16934 Member

    Please bear with me as I am a recent convert to Android having been with Nokia and their Symbian system for years :eek: It's soooo outdated compared to Android ;)

    I have been trying to install both the Swype beta apk & the HTC keyboard apk files onto my X10 for the last couple of days. I followed the instructions to get the file on my SD card and when I go to try and install it (using Astro) the phone keeps on asking me if I want to install it . I have the option in 'Unknown Sources' ticked to allow installs NOT from the market.

    I was going to format the SD card to see if that helps but I don't know if that will lose any system files vital to the phone...

    Strange thing is that the ADW Launcher installed fine and I didn't get that from the market.

  2. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    maybe your source files are corrupt?
    did you download the apk files straight from your phone browser?
  3. nick16934

    nick16934 Member

    The Swype one yes. The HTC one I got from xda forum....

    Maybe if I format the sd card they might work. But I don't know if there's anything on there that the phone needs to run properly...
  4. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    you should just use 'factory reset' feature
    i think that pretty much reformats your sd card and resets all phone settings back to stock
  5. Grospolina

    Grospolina Member

    You have to be careful with both keyboard apps, because there are multiple versions that support different resolutions. For the X10, the resolution is 854x480, which is considered "WVGA" (Wide VGA, as opposed to HVGA, Half VGA). For HTC IME, that would be the highres version.

    Also, the Swype beta 5612 just expired, so you'd need the latest one (7625). The best (and legitimate) way to get it is to sign up for the beta (Swype | Text Input for Screens) and they'll e-mail the right version it to you. It looks like the beta is still open.
  6. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    maybe thats the swype beta he got? but the thing is once you install the small installer.. it should be in the app drawer where you click to install swype!

    and if its still not working id suggest you just leave it to the new update where the phone will react better and its a fresh install so things should work fine again!

    hope it helpz!!

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