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Can't install SDK

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  1. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    I'm running Win7 64bit and have followed the instrucitons for installing the Android SDK at Installing the SDK | Android Developers, however I can't start a new Android project because I get an error saying that a SDK target must be specified.

    I've run the android.bat file in my C:\Android SDK\tools folder but also get an error saying ' C:\Android SDK\platforms is missing'. All the fixes I've found for this say use the 'Android SDK and AVD Manager' option within Eclipse but when I select this option it says 'Location of Android SDK has not been setup'. When I attempt to set it up I don't get any platforms to choose from.

    I've downloaded the Android SDK from Android SDK | Android Developers and extracted to C:\Android SDK.

    I've downloaded Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers and extracted to C:\Eclipse

    I'm in need of some desperate help :confused:

  2. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    Did you set up an Android SDK location at Eclipse->Window->Preferences->Android?
  3. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    Yes, I have as per screen shot but as you'll see I get the error about missing platforms.

    How can I download the missing platforms?

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  4. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    Surely there is a simple solution?
  5. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    Try to reinstall all, because a solution finding take a lot of time.
  6. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    I've already deleted everything and started again but I get the same error messages. I even attempted to install on another computer (Win7 32bit) but get exactly the same messages.

    To confirm, does the Android SDK zip file contain the 'platorms'? If not, how do you download them as Eclipse won't allow access to the Android SDK and AVD Manager until at least 1 platform is selected?
  7. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    There is a setup.exe in android SDK directory. Run it, select some update, and download them.

    And check that you have the last version of Android SDK, Eclipse and Eclipse plugin.
  8. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    Not in the zip file I downloaded from Android SDK | Android Developers (android-sdk_r07-windows.zip). Gotta ask, is that the right file to download?
  9. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    Now it named SDK Manager.exe.
  10. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    When I run that I get a dos box for about a second and then it disappears...nothing else happens. When I do as the SDK readme says and run tools\android.bat update sdk from the command line I again get an error saying 'platforms is missing'.

    Has anyone got this installed and running on Win7 32bit or 64bit?
  11. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

  12. vladimirov

    vladimirov Member

    I'm just installed Ubuntu, I like it, I put all needed enviroment for android development in an hour!
  13. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    Tried running as Xp SP3 but came message about missing platforms.

    If someone has ALL the required files installed can they zip them up and give me a link so I can at least get started?
  14. mikeedw

    mikeedw New Member

    The SDK no longer contains the platforms, please see content of SDK Readme.txt (root of install). Shown below ...

    Welcome to the Android SDK!
    The Android SDK archive now only contains the tools. It no longer comes
    populated with a specific Android platform or Google add-on. Instead you
    use the SDK Manager to install or update SDK components such as platforms,
    tools, add-ons, and documentation.
    In order to start developing applications, you must install at least one
    version of the Android platform using the SDK Manager.
    This requires an Internet connection, so if you plan to use the SDK
    offline, please make sure to download the necessary components while online.
    To start the SDK Manager, please execute the program "SDK Manager.exe".
    From the command-line you can also directly trigger an update by
    tools\android.bat update sdk
    For more information, please consult the Android web site at
    Android Developers
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  15. mikeedw

    mikeedw New Member

    Still been wrestling with this.

    Solution is to create the directories platforms and add-ons manually under android-sdk-windows and then run sdk manager.exe
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  16. Lintz

    Lintz Member

    Thanks mikeedw, that has solved my issue and I'm now downloading platforms :D
  17. georgejo

    georgejo New Member

    why is this so painfull?

    I wasted 40 bucks to buy a book and naturally the install directions don't work, presumably because now, the platforms are not there any more?

    How do I uninstall eclipse, jave etc from scratch if I need to? I really don't know what this installation is doing under the covers.

    S/W used to be a lot easier to install. These days, it seems so hacky.
  18. sujesh ramacha

    sujesh ramacha New Member

    hi mikeedw,

    I have 2 folders platforms and add-ons in the android sdk and tried clicking SDk Manager.exe, its not working fine, while clicking Sdk Manager.exe, its opening the screen then after 2 seconds, its get closed

    i am using windows XP, and i tried downloading platforms from eclipse but the repository url is not working fine,

    fyi, i have symantec antivirus intalled, is that the issue?

    could you please help on this as i am very new to android and want to set up the environment and have to start learning....


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