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Can't Install USB Drivers

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  1. CylonSix

    CylonSix New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new to the forums, and wanting to root my new Droid 2, being a very well versed Linux user, this should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately all I have access to right now is a Windows XP and a Windows Vista computer

    However, I can't get a USB driver for ADB interface to install on Windows XP to save my life.

    I have the drivers, directly from google, each folder (i386, and amd64) contains the proper information. HOWEVER. When using the "Found New Hardware" 'wizard' (and I use that term with much vim) I am unable to install it, as "The hardware was not installed because the Wizard cannot find the necessary software" even though it's staring me in the face.

    I've tried every solution I could find, USBDeview, removing registry entries, etc etc.

    After 3 hours and 48 minutes (exactly.) of reading forums, and trying various "Solutions" I've given up, and am asking for help.

    Why am I completely unable to use ADB (As it can't read my device, without the drivers) to attempt anything at all. So just to clarify, this is some of the stuff I've been "Linked" and I have read, and it doesn't work.

    Issue 1039 - android - Cannot install windows usb driver - Project Hosting on Google Code
    How to Install ADB or USB Drivers on Android Devices | TechPetals
    Issue 1091 - android - Cannot install USB Driver on Windows - Project Hosting on Google Code
    USB Driver for Windows | Android Developers

    Please help! :(

  2. saqib_ali

    saqib_ali New Member

    Cylon6, I'm having the exact same problem! I'm at my wits ends.

    I'm a Windows XP user.

    Did you ever figure out a work-around or solution?
  3. saqib_ali

    saqib_ali New Member

  4. saqib_ali

    saqib_ali New Member

  5. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

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