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Can't load dev block mmcblk0p2Support

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  1. Nogueirn

    Nogueirn Member

    I accidentally erased my internal storage while trying to flash basix. I managed to get the partition back through an Odin flash, but now its can't load the file in the title. I haven't seen one indulge topic on it and the other ones I found were too complicated. Can someone please explain this to me simply?

  2. Nogueirn

    Nogueirn Member

    Bump... nobody?
  3. Nogueirn

    Nogueirn Member

  4. Nogueirn

    Nogueirn Member

    No one can help?
  5. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    Have you tried asking your question in IRC yet??

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