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Can't log in to Android Market

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  1. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    I got my HTC Hero yesterday and I'm extremely happy with it but I am unable to log into Android Market. When signing in to my Google account I get an error message that says something along the lines of "There is a temporary error or your sin card is not provisioned for data services"
    Has anyone else had this?

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  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Two possible issues ... You may have had an old SIM card ... or your Account has not been set for Data ... the data provision is enabled by the Service provider and your SIM card is part of that service ...
    Call the CS and have them check that your phone's sim and account are both registered in their system ... once this is done ... you should be OK ..
  3. PatBateman

    PatBateman Active Member

    The third possibility, and most likely, is that when you first powered the phone on you didn't register or sign-in to Google. For some reason, unless you do this on first boot it won't work again. As far as I know, the only way to resolve is to hard-reset the phone and do it again. You will lose all your data/config but it shouldn't take too long to sort out again. I had to do this on mine.
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  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    You are correct this is another possiblibility, however I believed that you should only be able to skip registration if you have an "Android Dev Phone" (ADP1)... which allows you to skip registration ....(as does a rooted phone)

    I could be wrong about this but, I thought you had to register a Stock Phone and that you could not skip this process..
  5. PatBateman

    PatBateman Active Member

    Nope, I skipped registration (because I'm impatient) on my Orange phone!
  6. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    In the end I tried the hard reset and it now works perfectly. Thank you for your help guys.
  7. zoospud

    zoospud New Member

    Dear All

    Super !

    Hard Reset worked for me also.

    One warning. I tried poking the hole in the base of my G2 thinking, as per my previous phone, it was a hard reset. Nope. Try menu / settings / security / factory data reset.

    Thankfully I had not imported much data.

    Seems very silly that you cannot modify this at a later stage !

    Cheers, Paul M.
  8. sarah2703

    sarah2703 Member

    I am having this problem too and resetting has not resolved it (rather annoyingly). Which Customer Care am i supposed to call about this? My networks?

  9. albatri

    albatri Active Member

    Potentially stupid question but does a factory reset delete all your contacts or is it just settings / customisation etc?

    This problem is also effecting me so going to try the reset...
  10. vicked

    vicked Member

    The Factory reset will delete all of your current contacts. So export them somewhere.
  11. albatri

    albatri Active Member

    OK thanks.

    Next stupid question being, easiest way to export contacts and where to?
  12. PatBateman

    PatBateman Active Member

    I'd say the best way to export your contacts is with the HTC Sync software, and export them into Outlook or Outlook Express (Windows Mail in Vista).

    Then do the reset, setup your Google account on your Hero, and a good way to test it is to then import your contacts into Google (on your PC) from Outlook/OE. They then should appear on your phone at next sync.
  13. hidinu

    hidinu New Member

    Hi, I have Xperia X10. I have the same problem of unable to log into Android Market. When signing in to my Google account I get an error message that says something along the lines of "There is a temporary error or your sim card is not provisioned for data services"
    But my networks connections are working when i tried the browser...
    I have tried everything said on this thread....... please help me in this regard.
  14. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Is there an issue with your 3G connectivity? Do you have WIFI? Try to see if you can access the Market via WIFI.
  15. michailidis9

    michailidis9 New Member


    if you go to youtube application and log in with you gmail -

    then go back to home press menu > settings > accounts and sync > you will be able to see your gmail account here press it and sync now -

    now you should be able to access android market.

    no hard reset needed
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  16. Got a similar problem here on my htc desire.
    Been logging in fine to android market for the last week, now even though its on auto sign in it asks me for my password saying that password is either invalid or my account has changed even though I havnt changed a thing.
    Anyway. Ive tried every single password I might have used and none will get me signed in and theres no option for "forgot password".
    Absolutely stuck. :mad: Any ideas please???
  17. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Are you able to log into your primary gmail/google account that you use on your Desire? If you log into your gmail account and try resetting your password from there to see if it works.
  18. Nope! Underneath the "google sign in" pop-up, in the background it just says "authentication error" :confused:
  19. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Is this on your phone or your computer that you can't load the google page?

  20. On the phone.
    I logged into google on my pc by hitting "forgot password" then following the link via my emails to change my password, once I had changed my password I tried logging back in on my phone using the exact same password that I had just set but not even that worked!!!! :mad:
  21. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    You need to associate the new password with your gmail account on your phone.

    You may need to go into application manager on your phone and clear cache, data and defaults in gmail, google and Market, then reboot, which will cause the account to "start over" and have to be input again, with the new password.

  22. Much to my further frustration, unfortunately this has not worked either.
    If I hadnt paid so much for the phone I would have launched it up against a wall by now (as per my genio! ........... nuff said!! :D)

    Thanks very much so far to everyone anyway but the annoyance continues.....................................
  23. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    If you go into accounts & sync and force GMail to sync does it ask you for a password, and accept the changed one?

    Have you tried changing the password online again? - on the off chance that it was typoed.
  24. Right, lets make sure im doing this the right way before we continue.
    When I go to log into google to reset my password

    • Im at the google search page
    • At the top left there are several tabs including "web" "images" "gmail" etc
    • I click the "gmail" tab
    • On the sign in page I click "Cant access your account?"
    • On the next page I enter my email address and then it sends a link to my hotmail account for me to reset my password.
    • I follow this link and reset my password and log into google successfully on my home pc
    • I then click on "market" on my HTC which then asks me to input the password associated with my ------------@googlemail account
    • I then enter the password which I have just reset my account to on my home pc and then it just pops up with the same old "password is either invalid or my account has changed" with a password entry box again.

    Im absolutely lost!!!!

    BUT.............. could it be that my primary email address on my google account is my hotmail address and should be my googlemail address??
    Just a thought but I did try setting my google primary address to my googlemail address but it wouldnt have it, just said that I couldnt use my googlemail address as my google primary address ................................................... just read that last paragraph slowly, you'll get it eventually!!!!! :rolleyes:
  25. Tried changing password 3 times now, I will try for a 4th anyway. Who knows!!

    When I go into Gmail and then try to sync it, it comes up with the little refresh symbol next to it with " ! " in red over it. Then at the bottom of the screen it says "Sync is currently expecting problems. It will be back shortly" but shortly has nearly been over a week now!!

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