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can't make calls just got the phoneSupport

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  1. moontree

    moontree Member

    I just got my xperia play white R800a although the phone says its R800i
    and I cant make any calls only emergency calls. its a T mobile sim card prepaid not sure if Im suppose to use something else or not. I brought the phone unlocked and I believe the guys set it to work on t- mobile but it doesn't. Am I suppose to do something before it start working?

  2. moontree

    moontree Member

    well I solved the problems, sending it back to the place I brought it from. -__- they did not help at all just have you tried another sim card? after that would you like to get a refund or exchange?
    thats one hell of a experience for your first smart phone
  3. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    To be honest this does seem as though you did not have the correct variant of handset R800i and R800a have different capabilities when it comes to networks and there frequencies, the fact that the handset stated it was a R800i would I believe be the issue.

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