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Can't Mount R/W in my Rooted MSI Enjoy 10 Tablet

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  1. Oryza sativa

    Oryza sativa New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I have an MSI Windpad Enjoy 10 tablet running 2.3.1. I rooted it with gingerbreak and it seems like it's successful because of the the presence of SuperUser. But I can't edit the /system or delete bloatware because the system always say that it is "Read-Only". Even with root browser or terminal emulator, I can't mount the system as R/W. Also, Titanium BackUp won't work and it says that device is "not rooted".

    Need help please! Thanks :)

  2. Tricity

    Tricity New Member

    Since you have root on your device, could you please type


    and paste the output here? My guess is that /system is a cramfs.

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