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  1. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    Is it possible to move apps to the SD card with this phone? I only see two options for apps that I *know* support being moved to the SD card: "move to phone" or "move to internal memory."

    I also know internal memory is NOT the SD card, it's part of the 8gb that comes with the phone.

    Does the phone need to be rooted in order to move apps to the SD, or is it just flat out impossible with this phone? If it was, that'd be a real bummer.

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Well I don't have a Lucid, so not sure what the stock settings are, but if you download/install the Astro File Manager from Play Store, you can move your files to the SD card, with the exception of those that can not be moved out of the phone. No need to root.:)
  3. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    Okk so I installed a file manager (I prefer Solid Explorer :D) but I'm not terribly familiar with messing around in the Android filesystem.

    In which directory would I find the installation location of an app that's installed to the phone, and what directory would I move it to on my SD card to install it there? And are there multiple files for an app that would need to be moved or is it just the .apk or something?

    Sorry I'm a bit new to this, but thanks for the help :)
  4. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    Update: So I found where the phone puts the apps that it moves to the "internal memory." It's located in /mnt/asec. I tried moving a com folder within the /asec folder, but I get "Error - Is a directory" and it won't move anything. I even tried moving the whole folder, and it didn't work either :p

    I've also figured out a couple other things. (1) The 8gb that the phone comes with is partitioned into two partitions that are 4gb each. One is reserved for the system (the phone memory), the other is dubbed "internal memory" but is recognized by my file manager (Solid Explorer) as an SD card, for whatever reason. That was throwing me off, because the first "SD Card" folder that I found (which has an SD card icon instead of just a folder icon, also confusing) which was actually just the 4gb partition, NOT the external SD card. INSIDE of that first "SD Card" folder was ANOTHER SD card folder, which was my external, 32gb SD card.

    (2) I researched moving apps manually to an SD card. The only thing that I was able to come up with was changing the default install location of apps to an SD card via the sdk adb tool [instructions]. This doesn't require root permissions (I'm waiting to root until I have a backup phone available just in case), but was ultimately unhelpful, as it's basically the manual version of the application App 2 SD [market]. With adb, there were only two options given for the default install location--phone or SD card--but because the phone is recognizing the 4gb internal memory as the SD card, changing the default install location merely sets it to the 4gb internal memory partition, not my actual 32gb SD card.

    I think I've mostly exhausted my non-root options of trying to install apps to the SD card. Part of the problem has been that the LG Lucid doesn't seem like a very popular phone. The only custom ROM available for it was originally for the Connect, which is basically the same as the Lucid. There's no section for it on xda, and the only other place that seems to have a semi-active Lucid community is on droidforums. This is disappointing, as I think this 4G phone is actually quite awesome, especially for the price ($50 online at Verizon! or $.01 on Amazon!). I've only found one post from a person who was having the same problem, and he hasn't found a real solution either.

    However, after I root my phone, I'm going to mess around and try some other things. I found a promising app called Link2SD. I'll post back and update after I give it a shot.

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  5. ariellesdada34

    ariellesdada34 New Member

    Hi, although I never like to see anyone have issues with their phone, its good to see i'm not the only one having this issue. I have tried and tried to find a way to transfer my alps to the sd card to no avail. I started searching forums and you seem to be the only other one either having the issue or the only one who cares to take the time out to write about it. this phone is crap for storage or this wouldn't even be an issue. if you find a way to transfer files, please let me know and I will so the same. thanks!!
  6. abhay822

    abhay822 New Member

    yes you can move most apps like adobe flash player and many more,which installs automatically to internal memory.
    first of all you need to "install android sdk".then connect your phone with your lappy.then run the "command prompt".
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