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  1. doeeyedbecky

    doeeyedbecky Member

    How would I move apps to the USB/SD storage on the Nexus S? I would like to install some apps, but I'd prefer them to be stored on the 13.31 GB available and not the 0.98 GB Internal storage.

    The option to move them to USB is greyed out, and I'm getting REALLY frustrated.

    I'm running JB 4.1.1 & Build number JRO03E


  2. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    The app must support the feature of moving to 'SD card' storage. If the app doesn't support it, then it can't be moved and the option will be greyed out. For instance, Google Maps can't be moved, but Google Sky Map can. And it's good that some can't be moved because they need system access, like Google Maps which needs location via GPS access and may need to stay within internal storage. Sky Map only uses wireless location info for approximate area so it doesn't need system access. Or for performance issues, the author wants to keep the app in the main internal memory area. None of this is the fault of the phone, it's an issue with the app.

    Some apps may have had the option before, but with newer OS versions the app may not have been updated to support the new OS.
  3. doeeyedbecky

    doeeyedbecky Member

    So, moving say, the Facebook and LiveJournal apps are a no-go, because they rely on the GPS access, correct?

    But going on this, I should have been able to move 'Battery Doctor' to USB storage, since it doesn't access GPS data.

    Ugh. Methinks I SHOULD have saved for the Galaxy Nexus.
  4. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    But as I said before, regardless of the possibility of an app being moved, the author MUST configure the app to allow this feature. If the app is not written to allow it to be moved, then it can't, simple as that.
    The model of phone makes no difference. All Android phones function essentially the same way since they all use similar OS versions. And if an app can be moved on the Nexus S, it can be moved on the HTC One X, or Samsung Galaxy S III, or Note, or any other model that has 'SD card' memory available, including most tablets.

    So you can stop 'ugh'ing about which phone you think you should have bought. It does what it does because of the authors, not the hardware, just like any other Android phone.
  5. doeeyedbecky

    doeeyedbecky Member

    Maybe so, but the Nexus S has a certain amount of internal memory 'partitioned' for apps, and the rest for USB storage. The Galaxy nexus isn't 'partitoned.' All 16 GB is available for storage on the Galaxy Nexus. There's no 0.98 internal storage and then 13.31 GB USB storage, as it's set up on the Nexus S.

    That's my main 'complaint' and why I should have saved for the Galaxy Nexus... That and no JB 4.2 support. LOL

    But, I've downloaded a few more apps that are 'movable' to USB storage, so the theory of inability to move to USB by the authors seems to be the case.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. himmel

    himmel Active Member

    If your phone is rooted I think you could use Link2SD app. I tried it once, and as I recall, I think I moved a few apps to my SD storage, in fact, I have a few there :)

    Give it a shot.

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