cant open apps that were re-downloaded, do not have an SD card installed.Support

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  1. evoluva27

    evoluva27 New Member

    I'm downloading apps from the playstore and after it downloads I see a message that says " no room on homepage" and I'm only given the option to uninstall, not open.

    The apps also do not show up on the apps menu. When I go into managing apps, ionly then I see them but I still can not open.

    What am I doing wrong, lol? I do not have an sd card, yet. So, is this why I can't open them?

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  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    More or less. But I believe that is why this is happening. I'm sure you won't have that problem after inserting a sd card. *^&#9601;^*

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