Can't open pdf files in yahoo mail using dolphin browser

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  1. vtec98

    vtec98 New Member

    I'm using galaxy tab 7.7 and installed dolphin hd browser and pdf viewer add-on. I can't seem to download or even open pdf files attached on my yahoo mail. I tried the same on other mail server like our company mail and it works perfectly fine. I already tried removing and re-installing dolphin and all it's add-ons but still didn't work. Stock browser can do the job for me but I want to stick only with dolphin. I hope somebody could help me on this. Thanks!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    How about just using the Email app for your emails?
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  3. vtec98

    vtec98 New Member

    I guess that's the most convenient option for me now. But I still believe there's some sort of solution for this dolphin problem..thanks!

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