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  1. Jedisith194

    Jedisith194 New Member

    Hi, there maybe is already a thread for this subject, but after spending an hour on Google, i didn't find an answer...

    So here it is... A few days ago, I received an sms from my cell phone provider telling me that i had used up my 250 MB of internet connection, and that it was now blocked until the end of the month. I quickly opened the sms, and having no particular interest for these kinds of texts, I immediately deleted it. But while i was deleting the text, my cell phone provider sent me another text, saying that I could recharge my internet connection by sending "Yes" to another number... And I never got that text, can't see it, can't delete it at all... (sorry for the extensive details, but I want to be as clear as possible)

    So the fact that I can't receive that text isn't annoying itself, but I still have the "1"badge on the sms icon, and everytime that i turn my phone on, i get the notification telling me that i have that sms. Also, every time that i open the text via the notification, it does as if I wanted to compose another message.

    So basically, i'm stuck with the notification, and clearly the sms is there, but i can't read/delete the sms. And when i select the "clear" option from the notifications, I still have the badge on the messages icon, and the notification will always re-appear when i restart my phone, with our without SIM card...

    So what can I do? :confused:

    Here's my configuration:
    Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android OS 2.3.3 rooted
    Gemini app manager installed, as well as "Audio Manager" (which actually allows me to hide and lock apps, though the messages app isn't hidden or locked)

  2. Jedisith194

    Jedisith194 New Member

    I actually managed to fix it myself!!
    In fact, the method was simple: I created a message to my cell phone provider's number (from whence came the "lost" text), put text into it, but didn't send it (it saved automatically into drafts).
    I then re-opened the message app, opened the message thread (where the draft was), and POOF!! there was my missing message, which i immediately deleted once and for all :)

    So, for whoever has this problem, try my method and maybe it'll work...

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