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  1. al shookup

    al shookup Member

    Hello...Brand new on this site. I am a 'silver surfer' and have just bought myself a Google Nexus 7 32gb tablet, However when I switched it on and selected language (in my case English UK), then wifi I was asked to input a password which I assumed was to be a made up one. This I did but I couldn't move on from there as I was only given the option below to CANCEL not CONNECT. Have I done something wrong such as not repeating the correct password or is the unit likely to be faulty. It could be me as I am 69 years old and not as super efficient as I used to be.
    thanks for any help

  2. bobbyrab

    bobbyrab New Member

    Sir, your password that is being asked for is to connect you to your wireless router which you need to connect to wifi. It is NOT a "made-up" password but should be the exact same password that is used to secure your wireless router. I hope this helps.
  3. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    There should be a button on the router you can push if you don't know the password after you push that button just push the two arrows on the tablet
  4. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    If that doesn't work your password usually referred to as the WEP KEY is often printed in very small print on a label on the bottom of your wireless router.
  5. al shookup

    al shookup Member

    Thank you all...I am now advanced a bit further. I am being told on screen that 'authentication is required. You need to sign in to your Google Account'. Am I to assume that I need to create a Google account to progress please?

    sorry about being a bit slow
  6. arche3

    arche3 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Just setup a gmail account and your good to go.
  7. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    It's probably easiest to set up a Google account on your PC, then use the new email and password on the Nexus 7 when it asks you to login to your Google account. It's a one-off thing, once you're logged in the rest should just happen.
  8. al shookup

    al shookup Member

    thanks again to you all who replied. I am now off and running. Can you please tell me if it is possible to download music and games from a dvd via my desktop pc and if so, how?
  9. whs37

    whs37 Well-Known Member

    Make a music folder on your PC with all the music you want on the Nexus (videos the same-if any). Then do the following:

    1. Attach the N7 with the usb cable to your PC.
    2. Copy the music folder on your PC to the clipboard
    3. Open the Nexus in 'Computer' and navigate to open the Music folder there
    4. Paste your music from the clipboard to that folder
    5. Get this program to open the folders on the Nexus: ES File Explorer

    PS: Welcome to the seniors club. I am 75. And for games I am not sure. Those may only run on x86 systems. But the youngsters are better at that. I don't play games - a waste of time for me.
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