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cant play mp3s after upgrading to 4.0 (atrix 2)Support

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  1. mrbreadcrum

    mrbreadcrum New Member

    So just yesterday I was using my phone as a media player like I had been for the past few months I was on gingerbread 2.3 and everything ran smooth, but when I upgraded the phone to the new 4.0 software that was released for the ATRIX 2 my phone stopped being able to run Playerpro which I used for music. I used the built in music player and could see a list of all my music but the album art is missing and the songs won't actually play. Any idea what's going on? I'll be in a jury for the next few hours so my response time will be limited.

  2. mrbreadcrum

    mrbreadcrum New Member

    My alarm also doesn't work and I can't see my pictures anymore. What a crap update
  3. oregondonor420

    oregondonor420 New Member

    I just got the 4.0.4 upgrade as well on the Motorola ATRIX 2, and have the same issue. My artists are displayed in the music player, but when I select an artist there is no songs displayed, i can shuffle all songs, but when i do it skips through a couple and then finally plays my songs. I noticed that my song names have been changed and have "null" placed within the song tittle. What is going on here and how can this be fixed without having to re-upload all my music?

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