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Can't play video from Galaxy S2 on XP

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  1. davehiggins21

    davehiggins21 New Member

    I've been trying to play video from my S2 on Windows XP. QUICKTIME will play the video but the sound is all wrong. VLC plays the sound but only dislays the first frame. There don't seem to be any options on the phone to change the format. Is there anything I can use on XP?

  2. ralphsteven

    ralphsteven Active Member

    Hi, Have you tried to use Media Player Classic? You can download and install it on your PC. I hope it works better. Regards.
  3. davehiggins21

    davehiggins21 New Member

    I've just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and media player is better on that though some videos still stutter. I suspect it's because the PC is running at 100% - I'm now considering upgrading the processor etc.

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