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Can't receive calls with Wifi Calling enabled and Screen OFFSupport

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  1. dahmwern

    dahmwern Member

    I've done a good amount of searching, but if you know of a thread that already answers my exact question, please let me know! (But don't be rude about it :rolleyes:)

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-900T) running 4.4.2 (N900TUVUCNB4).

    The problem:

    When the following are set:
    • Wifi Calling set to "Wifi Preferred"
    • Keep WiFi on during sleep is turned ON
    • I'm connected to my strong, wifi signal at home (40Mhz width, 2.4Ghz band)

    I am not able to receive calls only when the phone's screen is off.

    Wifi calling features work fine when placing calls, and when receiving calls while the phone's screen is on.

    Is there a fix for this? I'd really like to use this feature.


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Settings/Connections/Wifi. Press the menu/Advanced. Keep wifi on during sleep.

    If it's not checked, your wifi turns off when your screen does, so you can't receive calls via wifi.
  3. dahmwern

    dahmwern Member

    That was one of the first things I tried. It's been checked. Doesn't fix the problem, unfortunately...
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Bring it to a T-Mobile service center and ask if they can replace it - there's something wrong with it. Even deep sleeping, it should receive calls.
  5. dahmwern

    dahmwern Member

    Honestly, I very hesitant to do that. I've read many other threads where people bring their phones back to the store to get new ones, and the same problem persists with the new phone... Its a huge hassle to go to the store with my schedule and the likelihood of it fixing the problem is low.

    (EDIT: I say the probability is low because there have been no other signs this phone is a lemon)

    Nevertheless, I'll keep it in mind.

    Any other suggestions?

    EDIT 2: Tomorrow I'm going to test WiFi calling acceptance on campus to see if its possible my home network that is causing issues.
  6. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    I have used it several times with only one call disconnect. I do believe it is not duplix.
  7. dahmwern

    dahmwern Member

    Eh..? Can you elaborate?

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