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Can't receive data without WiFi! Help!Support

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  1. Draco2

    Draco2 New Member

    Hi All, I bought a Samsung Spica two days ago and I'm only just finding out that I'm not receiving data through my service provider's towers. Currently I've only been able to receive it through WiFi which is all fine and dandy, but I pay for data on the go. The phone was purchased used and not is not a phone that my service provider has ever offered so naturally they're being stupid and unhelpful by saying its just the phone's fault. I'm currently running Android 2.1 and I'm afraid that's about all the information that I know that I should provide to the forum. Any help and fast would be super appreciated and any information that is required I will gladly try to provide. Thanks in advance!

  2. Draco2

    Draco2 New Member

    OK, I don't know how to delete this thread. Upon further investigation while waiting for a reply, I found the information that I require. For the information of any who may come upon this thread with the same problem, My APN (Access Point Names) were not set for anything at all. I had to create one and enter the proper settings. In my case, I found them here: SaskTel 3G APN Settings For Unlocked Phones | Geekin' It Real however most settings will be different for everyone.

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