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  1. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member


    ATT Note...When someone sends me a photo or text, I get a download link. When I click on it nothing happens. Tried sending from iPhones as well as other androids.

    What could be the issue?


  2. Jorgelp80

    Jorgelp80 Member

    Make sure your "use packet data" isn't tuned off. Go to settings>wireless and network>mobile networks>use packet data.
  3. SuzukiDuki

    SuzukiDuki Member

    And then when you get them to work, it will further piss you off that they come through as a video. Joy huh!

    Irritating as hell. :mad:
  4. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    Now what?

    Hate to do a complete reset...????!!!!

    Any other ideas.Getting very annoyed...
  5. RaLeX

    RaLeX Well-Known Member

    /\ /\ What they said... I can't open MMS if my data packet is off. But, it's easy to go and switch it on after you get an MMS, then click the link, go back to the MMS, and click download. It should open right up.
  6. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    I was told by Samsung that the MMS picture format is like a video. A 5 second video for a picture. I hate it and wish it could be changed but I don't think they can.
    Anybody else???
  7. cadil

    cadil New Member

    Are they just forcing us to use up data on text messaging? If so we are paying for that picture twice. Once for the fee I pay for the privilege of text messaging, and again for the data.


    I have made sure that the use packet data is turned on but I still can not download an mms message from my daughter. I think it is a video


    I press "download" it says downloading, then after a couple of minutes it goes back to "download" button and small message appears "download failed".
  10. nisssmo

    nisssmo Member

    Had this issue but resolved it with fresh network. Not sure why but it fixed it.
  11. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Actually most carriers, I believe, see it as a text message with multimedia (aka MMS) and it's the multimedia aspect they are charging for the data. It is not sending a plain text (aka SMS). But you are right about double dipping. You get dinged for the MMS message AND data.

    That is unless you have it covered under a monthly plan.

    Could be an issue with system settings. Did you double check the APN settings for MMS are set up correctly? That the APN type is set to internet+MMS? Maybe that might be the issue?
  12. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    yeah it sucks cuz i thought you'd be able to download/open MMS messages thru wifi if you have your 4g off, but, that's not the case in my experience.

    anyone else able to open MMS thru wifi with 4g/data pack turned off??
  13. hobbydude

    hobbydude New Member

    Came accross this thread when searching for a fix to no MMS download.
    You get a tab appearing, click download,,,,wait,,,,,,wait,,,,,fail.

    New Samsung, text, phone, internet all 100%
    contacted provider after no success following many online suggestions.
    Turns out some Telcos use a seperate APN for MMS.
    Added it via setting/mobile networks/APN/menu/add.

    Restart, All now works 100%
  14. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    I'm having a somewhat similar issue. All the sudden today I can't receive mms messages. I can still send them fine but cannot receive. It worked fine yesterday and I haven't changed anything since. I have AT&T and have unlimited data. Mobile Data IS checked marked in my settings. And im am bone stock, not rooted or anything running 4.1.2. Even if I send a pic to myself it'll show as sent but I get nothing. But regular SMS works just fine. I've restarted the phone and pulled the battery and still nothing.

    Anyone have any thoughs?

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